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Band Membership
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+Erich Zimmerman - Band Director

Associate Conductor:
+Greg Lawson - Band Director

+Heather Martin - Program Director
*+Mary Margaret Moore - Music Specialist

*+Barbara Cantrell - Housewife, Former Teacher
Larissa Caprio - CPA
Kay Hobbs - Retired Legal Assistant
Barbara Judy - Retired
Allison Justus - Spectrum Teacher
Tabitha McBride
Deb Norris - Homemaker
Joanna Riggs - Chief Deputy / Chancery Court
+Bonnie Ward - Retired Teacher--General Music and Band

Oboe/English Horn:
*+Katie Frazier - Private Instructor
Mia Huell - N/A

*Daniel Ibarra-Scurr - Corporate Trainer

Eb Clarinet:
+Greg Lawson - Band Director

Bb Clarinet:
Georgiana Bitzer - Retired Nurse
*+Amy Cooper - Banker
Amy Curtis - Nurse Educator
Sam Davis - Krystal Company
Kendra Estes - Accounting Clerk
Rachel Grasso - Retired West Point Band
Dawn Jones - Account Clerk
Mary Marshall - Marketing Associate
Linette McFarlin - Homemaker
Ashley McMahan - Biochemist
Rachael Padgett - Actuary
George Stern - Retired Systems Engineer, U. S. Marine Corps
*Michelle White Johnson - Elementary Music Teacher

Bass Clarinet:
Norman Woodrick - Retired FAA
Kim Yearwood - Retired Band Director

Alto Saxophone:
Marcel Barry - Petty Officer, US Navy
Scott Hedrick - Computer Programmer
Bobby Lyles - Band Teacher
Yuhai Qin - Student

Tenor Saxophone:
Mark Barker - Farmer
Thomas Nixon - Graduate Teaching Assistant

Baritone Saxophone:
*Boyd Barker - Admin, TN Dept of Agriculture

John Barker - Manager, Utility
George Bitzer - Retired Music Teacher
+Mark Elbaum - Property Development
+Katie Harrah - Band Director
Jerome Jefferson
+Myra Mills Tschirhart - Graphic Designer
Bruce Morris - Retired
*+Mark Robinson - Band Director
+Justin Scott - Teacher
Merv Snider - Project Coordinator
Bob Tuma - Retired Physician

French Horn:
Erin Fouss - Student
Dana Fulghum - Insurance Adjuster
Lane Johnson - Student
Rebecca Lowry - Band Director
Michelle Skelley-Ashford - Speech Pathologist
*Vicky Williams - Music Teacher

Vinny Giaconia - Shuffs Music
+Steve Holeman - Real Estate Agent
Stephen Pulk - Logistics
+Jim Sabia - Retired Band Director
*Tommy Thompson - Retired Deputy U.S. Marshal
Stanley White - Aircraft Maintenance

Sam McFerrin - Private Lesson Instructor
Steve Tate - Engineer

Lee Curtis - Assistant Meat Manager, Kroger
*Kenji Kabe - Engineering Analyst
Bryan Parkhurst - Mechanic

Jei Evans - Information Technology
Isaiah Haggard - Student
*Jacob Keener - Graduate Student
Chris Lowry - Graduate Student
Slade Moore - Student
*Erich Smith - Student

* - Section Leader, + - Board Member

Board of Directors
President:  Katie Frazier
Vice President:  Justin Scott
Treasurer:  Mark Robinson
Music Director:  Erich Zimmerman
Personnel Director:  Amy Cooper
Publicity Coordinator:  Myra Mills Tschirhart
Band Member at Large:  Mark Elbaum
Band Member at Large:  Katie Harrah
Executive Director - Secretary:  Bonnie Ward
Activities Coordinator - Stage Manager:  Jim Sabia
Librarian:  Steve Holeman
Historian:  Barbara Cantrell
Business Manager:  Heather Martin
Ensembles Coordinator:  Open Position
Assistant Publicity Coordinator:  Mary Margaret Moore
The Tennessee Valley Winds
P.O. Box 12326, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
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