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Hire the TVW

Bring the TVW to perform at your school or function! Our extensive repertoire includes band classics and popular favorites, along with contemporary wind compositions and seasonal pieces. We would welcome the chance to perform with your school band, and give the students the opportunity to work with our talented conductors and members. Within the TVW, we also have smaller ensembles that might be better suited for smaller engagements. For more information, contact the band at Here are a few endorsements:

"It is a true pleasure to make music with the Tennessee Valley Winds. The purpose and joy behind the music making is pure, and I had a wonderful time in their company!"
- Robert W. Rumbelow, Director of Bands and Brownfield Professor of Music, University of Illinois

"I just wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed the Tribute Concert this past Saturday! First of all, I doubt there are many "community" bands of the same caliber as the TVW. The amount of talent and experience on that stage was quite impressive. It was great to see colleagues and some of my mentors performing great music at such a high level. Secondly, the choice of music was fantastic! From the first measure of Esprit Des Corps I was taken back to the many times that I played that under Mr. Smith. To hear it played that well in that venue and with Mr. Smith in attendance was awesome. I guess the idea of a tribute concert is to bring the person being honored to mind. I don't think you could have chosen better selections to do that. Each one reminded me of playing under Mr. Smith and the things that he would talk about when we were rehearsing them. Lastly, I appreciate the efforts that you, the TVW board, and the wonderful musicians in the TVW dedicate to making great live music in our area. Live music is an important pastime in our country and I'm glad TVW exists to help keep it alive. I know the pay isn't very good :) for you all and it's hard to find a place to rehearse a full wind ensemble but... please keep it up!


Bravo and well done!"
- David England, Blackman Middle Band

"... I enjoyed hearing the Tennessee Valley Winds play in rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday nights; you sounded great, and looked as if you were enjoying working with Dario Sotelo. We're so glad to be in a setting where there is such a vibrant community wind band!"
- Dr. George T. Riordan, Director, MTSU School of Music

"Please let the members of the Tennessee Valley Winds know how much we appreciate the concert this past week at our 57th Annual National Convention of the American School Band Directors Association. The attendees at this year's convention were really impressed with the quality of the group and the programming was perfect for our membership! Many of our members also play in various ensembles around the country and this is not an "automatic standing ovation" crowd; these are band directors who know the music, many that even played under the greats such as Goldman, Sousa, and Harding (who were, by the way, also founders of our Association): they KNOW a fine band when they hear it!

Thanks again and best wishes!"
- Jeffrey T. Phillips, President, American School Band Directors Association

"Tennessee Valley Winds is composed of a group of exceptionally fine professional musicians. They come from all walks of life and take time from their busy lives to provide the community with a musical source unlike any other. It has been my pleasure to work with them on numerous occasions in Murfreesboro and other locations as they share their love of music with others. I commend them to you without reservation."
- John Hood, Director of Community Engagement & Support , MTSU and former TN State Representative

The Tennessee Valley Winds
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